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Daniel Horowitz - Criminal Defense Specialist

Markus Dombois - Criminal Defense Lawyer - Ship's Captain

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Offices on El Dorado Street, Stockton Office six blocks from Stockton Superior Court (San Joaquin County Superior Court)

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Criminal Defense Lawyers with over 200 jury trials including  trial of

White Collar criminal case involving over $ 500 million dollars;


Death penalty, murder and other serious felonies in Stockton and throughout Calfiornia, Hawaii & Nevada.



Daniel Horowitz

Legendary Trial Lawyer whose recent defense of Dr. Wilmer Origel handed a major defeat to the San Joaquin County District Attorney's office.  Horowitz is a National Television Commentator seen on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and as a regular on Nancy Grace.  Horowitz recently provided legal commentary on the Huckaby case.

Daniel Horowitz is the attorney who represented radio star Michael Savage in his cases against radical extremists who sought to violate Savage's First Amendment Rights.  He is the attorney for superstar author Terry McMillan (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) and many other national and international figures.

Markus Mueller-Dombois

Licensed in California and Hawaii (including Hawaii Federal Courts).  Markus worked on one of the  largest Hashish smuggling cases in Hawaii history.  Captain Markus Mueller-Dombois is Maritime Expert Witness with over thirty-three years of experience in the Maritime Industry.  He is a USCG Licensed Captain since 1975; both blue-water and inland waters.

Markus is a tough courtroom trial lawyer who fights for his clients - always.

Michael Yates

A licensed chiropractor just months away from taking the California bar.  He is THE Michael Yates who defeated the State Department of Insurance and the San Joaquin County DIstrict Attorney's office in 2008.   Michael is an expert in medical issues and works on personal injury cases as well as criminal cases.

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Criminal Defense

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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers

Daniel Horowitz, Esq.  

Markus Mueller-Dombois, Esq.

Michael Yates, D.C.


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Criminal Defense Lawyer Specialist
Criminal Defense Specialist

Medical Fraud - Successful Defense of Wilmer Origel (Stockton, California)
Murder - 2009 Three Murder trials by Horowitz (Two in Martinez, One in Stockton)
Embezzlement (Sacramento)
White Collar crime Financial Fraud (Sacramento)
Tax Evasion (IRS Fraud) (Sacramento)
Maritime law (Dombois)
Federal Law Hawaii (Dombois)
U.S. Supreme Court admitted (Horowitz)
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal
Appellate Courts, State of California

Note on Federal Criminal Defense both Daniel Horowitz and Markus Dombois are admitted to practice in the United States District Courts.  Besides having a piece of paper hanging on their wall, they have actually practiced in those jurisdictions (and for $ 100 and an application, you can get a certificate, so there is a difference !)

Hawaii Federal Court & State Courts

It is extremely difficult to be admitted to practice before the federal courts in Hawaii.  Markus Dombois has genuine roots in Hawaii and is admitted to practice there.  Daniel Horowitz is admitted and has actually practiced in numerous federal districts.  He has submitted appellate briefs in numerous federal courts of appeal and to the United States Supreme Court.

If you have a case in Hawaii, we can represent you.  In large cases in the Islands, they can actually run out of attorneys qualified to handled complex criminal cases.  We support the local Hawaiian bar and we urge you to "shop locally" if you can.  But if you cannot find the right lawyer for you in Hawaii, our team of lawyers can provide you with the best possible defense. 
Operating out of :

The El Dorado Law Offices in Stockton (Dombois)
Lafayette, California Office (Horowitz)
Lodi, California (Yates as Legal Assistant)

Teams are formed depending upon the needs of the client and the specific legal and factual aspects of your case.

All California courts including Stockton, Contra Costa, Lodi, San Joaquin
Federal Court (including Hawaii via Markus Dombois)
State Court Hawaii (Dombois)
U.S. Supreme Court (Horowitz)
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal (Horowitz)
Nevada (with our partner attorney, Robert Massi)

All areas of California with the majority of cases in the following jurisdictions:

Stockton, Modesto, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Redwood City, San Jose, Fresno, Tracy, Pleasanton, Hayward, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Lodi, Modesto, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hollywood.

Federal courts locally and nationally pro hac vice or with partner attorneys.  Federal court in Hawaii directly (Dombois)

Daniel Horowitz has conducted trials or legal proceedings in the following additional jurisdictions:

Ukraine, Hong Kong, Canada, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, The Netherlands

Our Stockton Criminal Defense Attorneys work with the finest lawyers in other states:

New York (Martin Garbus)
Nevada (Robert Massi)